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Learn Thai language online with music - Discover Thai singers and bands

Learn Thai through music

Everyday Thai language school prepared a series of Thai songs with music video, Thai lyrics, English translation as well as Thai transliteration for those who can’t read Thai script. 

Learning Thai language with music can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can help liven up your learning experience and enhance your motivation. When students are having fun, they are more motivated to learn! 

For students of all levels, there are many ways to use these songs as an effective learning tool: 

  • Improve your listening comprehension and/or your writing skills: try to figure out what the song is about (advanced students may also try to write down the lyrics). In some cases, the music video will help you to understand the meaning of the song. Check your comprehension (or the accuracy of your work) by reading the Thai lyrics, the English translation or the Thai transliteration. 

  • Improve your reading and/or your writing skills: for those who have just finished studying the basic rules for reading and writing Thai, reading the Thai lyrics and attributing a tone to each syllable (or even converting the Thai script to Thai transliteration) can be a very useful and formative exercise. You can use the Thai transliteration provided to check the accuracy of your work. At a more advanced level, you can also practice transcribing the Thai transliteration into Thai script.
  • Check your reading comprehension: read the lyrics (Thai script or transliteration) and try to figure out what the song is about (advanced students may also try to write their own translation of the song). Check your comprehension (or the accuracy of your work) by reading the English translation provided.

At all levels, learning Thai with music will also help you expand your vocabulary, increase your exposure to everyday vocabulary and to some idiomatic expressions and improve your vocabulary retention. 

Pleasure and motivation are critical factors for effective language learning. We hope this section will contribute to increase your pleasure and motivation in learning Thai language. 




kɔ̌ɔ hâi sa-nùk!

Note: All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners and provided for educational purposes only.

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