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Learn Thai through video of basic Thai conversations: listening practice for beginners to intermediate students

Learn Thai Video

Everyday Thai language school prepared a series of basic Thai conversation with video, transcripts (Thai script & transliteration) and, English translation.

The main purpose of these video is to improve the listening skills of our students and thus help them to feel more confident / at ease when striking a conversation with Thai people outside the classroom.

For students at the beginner and intermediate level, there are several ways to use these basic conversations as an effective learning tool: 

  • Improve your listening comprehension:  without reading the transcript or the translation, try to understand the general/detailed meaning of the conversation. Don't hesitate to watch it several times if necessary. Use the transcript/translation to check your comprehension 

  • Improve your reading skills: those who have just finished studying the basic rules for reading and writing Thai may also use the transcripts as a basic Thai reader. Use the transcript/translation to check your comprehension   




kɔ̌ɔ hâi sa-nùk!

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