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Learn Thai language online with a short animated video series (with Thai transcription and English translation) 


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The รู้สู้ flood series of short animations (in simple Thai language with english subtitles) helped provide and disseminate useful information about the 2011 flood which occured across Thailand. Each episode is both entertaining and informative and the series has gone viral on the internet.

These videos also represent a potentially great resource for advanced Thai language students.

In order to increase their value and ensure they can be used as an efficient learning resource, Everyday Thai language school has prepared the transcription of both the Thai language narration and the English subtitles. We hope, you will find our contribution useful.

There are many ways to use the รู้สูู้้ flood short animations as a valuable learning ressource: 

  • Improve your listening comprehension try to figure out what is being said (you may also try to write it down). Check your comprehension (or the accuracy of your work) by reading the Thai transcription or the English translation 

  • Improve your reading comprehension/skills: read the Thai transcription You can check your level of comprehension with the English translation. (You can also practise reading at higher speed and try to match the speed of the narrator).

Learning Thai with the รู้สูู้้ flood series of short animations will also help you discover new Thai words for daily use as well as more specific vocabulary about the flood. 




kɔ̌ɔ hâi sa-nùk!

Note: Thai and English transcriptions are provided for educational purposes only.

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