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Learn Thai with ED Visa 

Learn to speak, read and write Thai language (One-On-One Thai Language Lessons)

  • Beginner Thai: 200h (qualify for 6 months Ed visa)
  • Intermediate Thai: 140h (qualify for 5 months Ed visa)
  • Advanced Thai: 140h (qualify for 5 months Ed visa)

Announcement: Thai language courses with ED visa are not available at the moment and until further notice.

  Speak and read Thai course

Thai for beginners (200h)

Brief description
• Learn to speak and listen to the Thai language through practical dialogues. Topics have been selected to meet the basic needs of foreigners living in Thailand – (note that a phonetic system will be used)
• Learn to read and to write Thai language script (3 to 4h per week)
• Develop your listening and speaking skills
• Learn the basics of Thai grammar
• Expand your vocabulary (around 1400 words)
• Learn about Thai culture
• Learn all basic rules for reading and writing Thai language
• Listening and understanding practical dialogues (overall and detailed comprehension)
• Learn how to use patterns of Thai language through various examples
• Appropriation of patterns and vocabulary with 200 exercises
• Speaking practices through role playing
• Appropriation of reading and writing rules of Thai language through practices and exercises
Materials include
(free of charge)
• Textbooks
• CDs
• Exercise books
Online Thai study aids

Thai for intermediate learners (340h)


Brief description

• Gain more confidence in speaking and listening Thai language
• Expand your vocabulary
• Learn more about Thai culture
• Learn to read with ease a variety of written documents in Thai language
• Learn to write message on limited topics
• Note: On Thai language script will be used after 200h


• Expand your vocabulary on a wider range of topics
• Expand your knowledge of Thai grammar
• Further enhance your listening skills
• Develop confidence in your speaking skills
• Develop your reading and writing abilities through various written documents (dialogues, advertisements, newspapers articles, … )


• Studying various authentic materials (overall and detailed comprehension)
• Listening and reading practices (various documents read by a native Thai language speaker)
• Many exercises to enhance vocabulary acquisition, correct use of Thai grammar and develop writing skills
• Speaking practices through role playing and debate
Materials include
(free of charge)
• Textbooks
• CDs
• Exercise books
Online Thai study aids

Average Thai language skills after 200h/340h

  The table below illustrates typical general abilities in the skill area after studying at Everyday Thai Language School :






Can follow long conversation on a wide range of topics if simple language is used

Can understand (with some difficulties) : headlines of news on radio or TV, TV advertisements, short sequences of movies, etc.
Can keep up or start a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics using a simple language

(misunderstandings occasionally occur)
Can read and understand with ease dialogues on familiar topics

Can read (slowly) and understand short written documents on various topics : advertisements, menus, job descriptions, short stories, etc.
Can write  (slowly) long sentences under dictations

Can write (slowly) short messages on limited topics
Can understand the general meaning of  limited social conversations using simple language

Can understand simple exchanges in personal life
Can produce confidently  simple language adequate
for expressing your basic needs

Can participate in limited social conversation

(misunderstandings are still frequent)
Can read (slowly) and understand dialogues on familiar topics

Can  read (but not necessarily understand) most Thai words correctly
Can  write short messages
(with some mistakes)

Can write under dictations many words accurately (with some hesitations)
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