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Learn French in Bangkok  : Enjoyable and affordable

สถาบันสอนภาษาฝรั่งเศส กรุงเทพ
English    Study French language in Thailand                            ไทย    เรียนภาษาฝรั่งเศส                        Français    apprenez le français à Bangkok

Learning French is fun and simple at Everyday Thai language school. 

Our school proposes French language courses in Bangkok from beginners to intermediate levels.

Our tuition fees for French lessons are very affordable compared to other French language institutes in Bangkok (ex: Alliance Française de Bangkok) and we only offer one-on-one tuition and semi-private lessons (2 students) in order to ensure that all students develop effective communication skills. 

Our French courses aim at enabling you to learn French well enough in order to communicate clearly and easily with French native speakers in most social occasions.

So whether you wish to learn French for business, travel or just for pleasure, you will find that our school can deliver what you need. 

You can learn French either in semi-private classes (2 students) or private tuition (1-on-1). 

We can also arrange French lessons at your home or office if that is more convenient for you. All courses are taught by a native French speaker. 

Our standard courses are 30h per level and we currently have 6 levels. Our French teacher will use an interactive learning method developed by the French department at the University of Texas at Austin together with additional learning materials.

We hope you enjoy learning French in our school.

French for beginners
Pre-intermediate French
Intermediate French

Learn French in Bangkok: 

Beginner levels

Learn French in Bangkok : 

Pre-intermediate levels

Learn French in Bangkok: 

Intermediate levels

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