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Learn Thai Online for Free: Thai language study aids


Learn Thai online skype

Everyday Thai Language School has produced a series of free online learning aids. Their main objective is to improve vocabulary acquisition and increase students exposure and interaction with the language.

Our Thai language teachers have created hundreds of Thai flashcards and Thai language exercises. These learning aids cover most of the vocabulary introduced in our Thai language lessons and include over 4200 audio clips.

Additionally, our school adapted part of the FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Thai language course to be used as a basic Thai reader for self-study.

We have also developed an additional series of short Thai readers on various subjects (all accompanied by a reading comprehension quizz) for the benefit of all advanced Thai language learners.

Finally, we decided to propose you to learn Thai with music. For each song, we have included a music video, Thai lyrics, English translation as well as Thai transliteration. We think that learning Thai language with music can be a fun and rewarding experience. 




kɔ̌ɔ hâi sa-nùk!

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Learn Thai for beginners online
Learn Thai for intermediate learners online
Learning Thai online - high intermediate level

Learn Thai: speaking Thai for beginners  

Enter Thai for beginners

Learn Thai: speaking Thai (intermediate)

enter Thai for intermediate learners

Learn Thai: Thai for high-intermediate learners

enter Thai for high-intermediate students

Learn to read Thai - Basic Thai reader online
Learning Thai for advanced readers Learn Thai music online

Basic Thai reader (self-study)  

Enter Basic Thai reader

Advanced Thai readers (self-study course)

enter Thai for advanced learners

Learn Thai through music (self-study)

enter Thai for advanced learners
Thai video conversation รู้ สู้! Flood

Basic Thai conversation (listening pratice for beginners) 


enter Thai conversation for beginners

Learn Thai with the animated series roo soo flood 

(Listening / reading practice for advanced Thai learners)

enter video for advanced Thai learners
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