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Evening Thai language lessons

Learn to speak Thai language

Beginner Thai language course (2 levels of 30h)

Small group lessons (min 3 students)

Option 1: Study on Monday & Wednesday
Study schedule & fees

Option 2: Study on Tuesday & Thursday
Study schedule & fees


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Learn Thai now

Beginner Thai language lessons (level 1 and 2) - 30h per level

Brief description

• Learn to speak and listen to the Thai language through practical dialogues. Topics have been selected to meet the basic needs of foreigners living in Thailand : greetings, shopping and bargaining, ordering food and drinks, making phone calls,  taking a taxi, making a hotel reservation and much more


• Develop your listening and speaking skills
• Learn the basics of Thai grammar
• Expand your vocabulary (around 700 words)
• Learn about Thai culture


• Listening and understanding practical dialogues (overall and detailed comprehension)
• Learn how to use patterns of Thai language through various examples
• Appropriation of patterns and vocabulary with 100 exercises
• Speaking practice through role playing
Materials include
(free of charge)
• Textbooks
• CDs
• Exercise books
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