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Learn to Speak Everyday Thai

Learn to speak Thai language

  • Beginner to Intermediate Levels
  • Develop Practical Conversation Skills
  • Small group learning: 3-8 students
  • Affordable tuition fees

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 Overview of Beginner Thai lessons level 1 & 2 + Intermediate Thai courses level 1 & 2


Brief description

• Learn to speak and listen to the Thai language through practical dialogues. Topics have been selected to meet the basic needs of foreigners living in Thailand – (note that a phonetic system will be used)


• Develop your listening and speaking skills
• Learn the basics of Thai grammar
• Expand your vocabulary (around 1400 words)
• Learn about Thai culture


• Listening and understanding practical dialogues (overall and detailed comprehension)
• Learn how to use patterns of Thai language through various examples
• Appropriation of patterns and vocabulary with 200 exercises
• Speaking practices through role playing
Learning materials

• Textbooks
• Audio files
• Exercise books
Online Thai study aids

Average Thai language skills after each Thai language course

The table below illustrates typical general abilities in the skill area after studying a particular level at Everyday Thai Language School :




 level 1 & 2

Can understand the general meaning of limited social conversations using simple language

Can understand simple exchanges in personal life

Can produce confidently simple language adequate for expressing your basic needs

Can participate in limited social conversation

(misunderstandings occur less frequently)

 level 1 & 2

Can understand adequately for immediate survival needs : directions, prices, etc.

Can comprehend simple questions in social situations

Can understand simple exchanges in personal life with a person used to speaking with non mother-tongue speakers

Can participate in simple and short conversation on familiar topics

Can produce simple if hesitant language adequate for elementary functions with patient listeners : introductions, directions, requesting information, ordering food, etc.

(misunderstandings are common when speaking with Thai people not used to speak with non-native speaker)

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