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Getting by in Thai : 10h Survival course 

“Getting by in Thai" is a 10 hours One-on-One survival course  

While traveling or living abroad, it is always a good idea to learn some words of the language in order to make your stay more enjoyable. 

Thai people really appreciate it when foreigners make the effort to try to speak their language. There are also quite forgiving and will easily compliment a beginner for his/her Thai speaking skills. 

This private course is ideal for tourists or expats willing to learn Thai but having only very limited time. 

  • lesson 1: Meeting with Thai (greetings and introducing) 
  • lesson 2: Going shopping (numbers, asking for the price, bargaining) 
  • lesson 3: Getting around (places, asking / telling directions) 
  • lesson 4: Eating (ordering Thai food and drinks) 
  • lesson 5: Basic Thai conversation (questions and answers format)

After 10 hours, you should reach a survival level. It means that your speaking / listening skills will be limited, and misunderstandings will definitely occur. However, the course will help you to interact more with Thai people and to get by more easily.

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