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 1- I already studied Thai in another school. How will you determine which level I should attend?

 Our standard tests will help determine which level you belong.

Since methods can vary widely from one school to another, we may also suggest you to register to our refresher course named “lost in translation” in order for you to reach the same level than our students. This process is not automatic however and the decision will be based solely on your test results.

 2- I don’t feel ready to study at the next level, what should I do?

 It is quite common for beginners to lack confidence in their abilities. However, you should listen to the advice of your teacher who will know what is best for you. He/She will be able to determine whether you are ready.

  3- I already completed all group courses. Can I continue studying at your school?

 Yes, in that case you have 2 options:
- Register as a private student. Our private course can be customized to meet your specific needs.
- Register for a semi-private course with fellow students who share the same learning interests.

4 – What is the interest of using a phonetic system?

 Learning Thai script is probably not as difficult as you may think. Nevertheless, you will need several weeks before you are able to remember all symbols (and how to use them) and the various tone rules of the written Thai language.

As long as the basic rules of written Thai are not mastered, it will remain very difficult for you to read or write even basic sentences. Therefore, learning Thai without the mediation of a phonetic system would be quite discouraging for most beginners.

If you really wish so, we can teach you Thai without a phonetic system (private course only). But you have to be aware you’ll need at least 5 weeks before you really start speaking. You’ll need to master the writing system first.

5 – What are the benefits of learning the written Thai language?

 If you are serious about learning the Thai language, you should learn the Thai script as soon as possible. That’s why, at Everyday Thai Language School, we decided to offer you the opportunity to learn Thai script fom day 1. We consider that at the beginning of the learning process, the dual use of phonetic and Thai script is most efficient. Once the basic rules of writing are mastered, the phonetic system can be replaced by the Thai script.

The advantages of learning Thai script are the following:
- Help you to improve your pronunciation skills.
- Help you to better understand your environment (you will finally get to know what’s written everywhere!).
- Give you access to unlimited learning materials: existing Thai language materials using a phonetic system are relatively limited. Materials using Thai script are unlimited.
- Access to new sources of information and culture (dictionary, websites, newspapers, books, songs, etc.)

6- I already paid but I cannot attend the course. Can I get a refund?

 All our courses are strictly non-refundable. 

- For group students, If you didn’t start attending the class, you may be allowed to attend the next session instead. However if you’ve already started attending class, you will not be allowed to attend the next session. 

- For private students : you private lessons remains valid for 6 months, so you can complete your course later on.

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